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2015 Brandathon: Top Agencies Offer Free Branding to Startups

ABOUT THE BRANDATHON Inspired by the March 2014 announcement of the Start Tank, Kathy Kiely, President of the Ad Club, decided to start the first ever Brandathon competition to bridge the gap between Boston’s startup and agency worlds, providing startups with world-class agency talent that they would otherwise have no access to. If last year’s 2014 highlight video is any indication of what we can expect from this year’s event, you don’t want to miss it! HOW IT WORKS Starting today, Boston startups are invited to upload a 60-second video …

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Boston College Programs Offer Support to Emerging Entrepreneurs

In honor of one of our favorite alma maters, this post is all about the Carroll School of Management (CSOM) at Boston College. CSOM offers its students and young entrepreneurs a number of unique opportunities, including access to business plan competitions, networking events, and academic courses with a focus on practical business experience. The Boston College Career Center, professors and alumni serve as a tremendous community and support system, giving graduates a strong entrepreneurial foundation. Venture Capital Adjunct Professor at Boston College, Andrew Hession-Kunz, speaks to the topic, “Entrepreneurship is no …

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4 Tips for Finding a Job with a Startup

  If you read our last blog post Why you should Consider Working for a Startup, you may have been convinced that working for a startup is the right thing for you. If so, that’s great news! You’re halfway there… But now what? We figured a logical next step would be for us to provide you with some guidance around what to do next. To that end, below are some tips to consider when kicking off your job search in the startup world. Good luck! Network As described in a …

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Why You Should Consider Working for a Startup

Hellooo spring in Boston!! Isn’t it amazing how one 60 degree day can have you feeling like a new person? Aside from the weather, there’s something else great about spring in Boston – and that is, graduation! As we speak, there are thousands of students winding down their course loads, and gearing up to find full-time jobs. In this post we’ll touch on three reasons that these soon-to-be graduates (or anyone for that matter!) should consider working for a startup. Exposure to Different Skill Sets The first few years after …

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