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Standing is the New Sitting; Sitting is the New Smoking

Understanding the Modern Workspace First, it was exercise stability balls taking the place of traditional office chairs, then it was the “standing desk” in which case we ditched the seating options altogether, and now, treadmills have made their way into offices everywhere. A recent article, Office Furniture that Adapts to the Way We Work, speaks to the impact design is having on the workplace and highlights the evolving needs of the modern workforce. The article features something called the “trea” chair, which, although simple looking at the outset, is …

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Coworking Makes You More Relaxed

In our most recent post #ThisIsNotWorking we suggested that perhaps a happier work life could make other parts of our life happier, too. Well, as it just so happens, a recent Huffington Post article included some really powerful statistics that help confirm this idea. According to the article, 60% of people working in a coworking space are more relaxed at home since coworking.  The article goes on to analyze this finding, stating that, “The amount of stress that the typical worker brings home does so much damage to their children/spouse.  …

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One of the best things about kicking off a new year is coming at it with a fresh start. No matter how chaotic life gets and how priorities get rearranged, luckily, January 1st is always there for us – giving us an opportunity to take a step back, assess the past year, and set new goals for ourselves going forward. Typically, the most popular New Year’s resolutions are related to people’s personal lives. They resolve to get in shape, eat healthier, save more money, and travel. What’s interesting about this …

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Coworking as a Cure

In our last blog post Can Coworking Really Help You Build Your Business? we relayed what we believe to be advantages of coworking space for entrepreneurs. However, one advantage that wasn’t touched on was the idea of “coworking as a cure”. What do we mean by that? Fall in Boston means a lot of great things – a break from the heat, back to school excitement, fall foliage, apple picking and pumpkin carving. The downside is that fall in Boston also means spending more time inside – and if you …

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Can Coworking Really Help You Build Your Business?

What are the advantages of coworking space for entrepreneurs? We’ll let this infographic speak for itself! If learning about the advantages of coworking have left you convinced that it’s the right solution for you and your business, the next step is finding the perfect space.  At Idea Space, our goal is provide a distraction-free work environment to increase productivity, creativity, and entrepreneurial camaraderie — allowing you to work happy.  

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