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Idea Space Members Launch NOBULL

We’re excited to announce that some of our very own Idea Space Members have officially launched NOBULL, a footwear, apparel and accessory brand for people who train hard and don’t believe in excuses. Honestly, just looking at this picture makes us want to workout. What is NOBULL? NOBULL takes an entirely new approach to athletic gear. Instead of focusing on the “gimmicks” oftentimes associated with running shoes and the like, they focus on performance. In other words, they take the “bullshit” out of the equation. They don’t promise that their …

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Idea Space + General Assembly: Building Brand Relationships Through Storytelling Class

Join us at Idea Space on Tuesday, August 26th from 6-8PM! Join General Assembly & Jeff Freedman, Founder & CEO of Small Army, to understand how brands build relationships with people through meaningful storytelling – not boring and braggadocios autobiographies.  Discover the moral of your brand story – the one belief that causes the brand to do what it does. Strategies for sharing that moral in all aspects of the brand – from advertising and communications to product integration, customer service and human resources. REGISTER HERE What is General Assembly? …

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