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Boston – the City for Women in Startups

As just a few “women in startups” ourselves, this recent Boston Globe article caught our attention. When you hear the word “startup”, you might automatically think of Silicon Valley. Filled with young entrepreneurs and novel ideas, many people believe that Silicon Valley is the kingdom of startups. However, many tech leaders offer another insightful idea – they suggest that Boston is more welcoming to women in the startup world. Why? First, Boston has a geographic advantage. As a smaller city, the startups are naturally closer in physical proximity to one …

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Idea Space Hosts Babson Association of Women MBAs for Mentorship Event

This past Thursday, October 2nd, Idea Space hosted the Babson Association of Women MBAs (BAWMBA) for a mentorship speed-networking event. The event, “Sharing Secrets: Mentorship Speed Networking,” provided an opportunity for MBA students to share their insights into how they are facing the current business trends, and for mentors to share their experiences. The goal of “Sharing Secrets” was to have women MBAs meet experienced potential mentors in the area, giving them access to trusted resource(s) to go to for advice related to their career and personal development going forward. …

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