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What’s your Idea Space?

An idea space, as defined in recent article, is:  “a discrete location away from workplace distractions where you can cultivate and share new knowledge. Think of it as a retreat, a refuge, an escape from the constraints of office culture”. In other words, an idea space is a place that you go, both mentally and physically, to be inspired.  The fundamental idea behind using an idea space to trigger fresh ideas is not new. After all, startups and creative agencies across the world have started adding things like putting …

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U.S. Coworking Survey – the Results are in!

ShareYourOffice (SYO), a San Francisco-based company that acts as “matchmaker” for office space and companies that have spare space available, recently announced their 2014 U.S. Coworking Survey results. Over the past few months, SYO polled hundreds of coworking spaces in nearly every state in an effort to better understand the norms of coworking. The survey produced some really interesting results, and we’ve highlighted some of our favorite findings below. Key Takeaways from the Survey: BOSTON is one of the top coworking cities, along with New York City, Houston, Denver, Los …

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Boston – the City for Women in Startups

As just a few “women in startups” ourselves, this recent Boston Globe article caught our attention. When you hear the word “startup”, you might automatically think of Silicon Valley. Filled with young entrepreneurs and novel ideas, many people believe that Silicon Valley is the kingdom of startups. However, many tech leaders offer another insightful idea – they suggest that Boston is more welcoming to women in the startup world. Why? First, Boston has a geographic advantage. As a smaller city, the startups are naturally closer in physical proximity to one …

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